Bread Fail!

People should make their instructions (a) clearer and (b) linear. If you're doing an instructional video for noobs, don't make a big deal out of the allegedly proper way and then mumble something about never doing that in person.

Share. The method. That actually. WORKS!

::Anguished ASD gargling::

So yeah. Instructional video said "use this portion" with way more importance than what the guy who made it actually did. So my dough was too moist and the loaf turned into a roofing tile and though the bread is tasty enough, it's dense and INCREDIBLY chewy and takes a lot of work to get through.


The next round of loaves is going to be interesting because this niblet is running out of flour in the middle of a firkin overbuying panic.


I might have to settle for keeping the sourdough starter alive during the crisis. This is going to SUUUUUCK...

...but I knew that when the panic began.

I can only hope that there is a point in which all the overbuyers realise that they have too firkin much shit and then can't unload it. At that point, I shall probably be able to restock all the actual crap I actually need.