Challenge #02628-G071: The Last Lie

The "Last Lie" is a recurring trend and well-known trait in the Amalgam universe. Yet, I haven't yet read a story where the "Last Lie" has come true. It seems that our human protagonists always manage to cheat death.

That being said, I think it would be interesting to see a (or a group of) Havenworlder(s) discovering what the Last Lie is the hard way. As well as the subsequent fallout of their human's final actions.

Because sometimes, you're playing on hardcore, and well,

There are no continues. -- PaladinShane

Humans are not unkillable. They know this. They know their vulnerabilities. They also allow others to assume that they don't have that many. This has lead to the Last Lie, and so many other cogniscents learning that it was the Last Lie the hard way.

Case 23J-756: There was nothing left of Human Sem. There was also nothing left of the Vorax fleet, half the asteroid belt, and the Fleet Acquirer, the ship the rest of the crew had fled on Human Sem's insistence. The Fleet Acquirer, the Vorax fleet, a healthy percentage of the asteroids, and Human Sem had been vaporised. What little remained was a cloud of atoms, at best.

The crew who had bonded with Human Sem returned to the area, looking for traces of Sem. Where they had gone, what had happened to them, and why they had not caught up as they had said. Scanners found the scant evidence, tracing it all back to a devastating explosion that wiped out everything, including Human Sem.

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