Last Lie

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Challenge #02687-G130: In Memory of-- Oh Wait

Human: What's everybody so upset about?

Crew: You're here? But you told the Last Lie!

Human: Don't you know me by now? I really hate lying. -- Anon Guest

"Wait," said Human Jef. "Are you mad that I'm alive?"

This quickly turned the mood, but not by much. "Of course not," said Companion Ryl. "We were mourning your loss when you turned up at your own memorial."

"And you were saying such nice things about me until you said, Oh flakking hell, there she is like a stray Powers-damned cat. I'm starting to think you don't like me."

Companion Ryl took a deep breath. "We're not mad at you," ze began. "We're mad that we spent so much emotional energy on a falsehood."

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Challenge #02652-G095: Never Going Gently

The question has been around since the beginning of analytical thought, but has become ever more perplexing since the arrival of humans, to philosophers across the galaxy...

Deathworlders, in Comparison to Havenworlders, are Incredibly short lived. and Humans, even excepting acts of self sacrifice, attempts at Darwin awards, and general mishappenings, a regular human has an expected lifespan of 90 to 110 standard years in optimal conditions. compared to the Hundreds that most Havenworlders live, (or as many humans put it, merely

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Challenge #02628-G071: The Last Lie

The "Last Lie" is a recurring trend and well-known trait in the Amalgam universe. Yet, I haven't yet read a story where the "Last Lie" has come true. It seems that our human protagonists always manage to cheat death.

That being said, I think it would be interesting to see a (or a group of) Havenworlder(s) discovering what the Last Lie is the

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Challenge #02620-G063: To Become Human

The memorial ceremony was solemn. As their crewmate was laid to rest, the family given the posthumus honors the crewperson had earned for their heroism, their crewmates and captain were stunned by what had happened. The human marines that had been invited to attend stood at attention and saluted the grave of this small, fluffy, Havenworlder one last time with all the respect a human could give for someone who'd shown such courage.

The crew had razzed their crewmate calling them human

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