Stream Morning!

I'm functioning on a thin chain of naps and a lot of caffeine this morrow. Yeeps.

I owe a thing about my bread since both loaves came out... edible. Not perfect, but at least edible.

Perfection will take time.

Longer than I expect because everyone and their kid brother's dog has emptied the shelves of literally anything that could plausibly be long-term food.

I can only hope that sanity returns before I run out of enough flour to keep my starters alive :P

It's a week to make new starter. I really don't want to have to do that again. Yikes, folks.

A little reasoned thinking would be nice instead of letting yourselves be run by FOMO. That's all I'm saying. Everyone's going to be mighty sheepish when the self-isolation period is over and they have storage spaces full of canned food, dry pasta, flour, and loads upon loads of TP.

Same with the ppl accepting rolls of TP in lieu of money. This is a short-lived situation. Swapping to barter is not going to do any long-term good. Cripes.

This morning, I plan to finally change the battery in my usual car. And help Beloved finish installing that technoseat on the toilet so we use less TP.