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Challenge #02413-F223: Forbidden Prize

My soul longs for it, craves for it. I want- no need it! -- Anon Guest

It's always out of reach. Beyond my grasp. Close enough to see. Too far away to touch. Tempting. Always tempting. I want it, I need it, I love it from afar, but I cannot even hope to touch it. It is beyond my means. I know this, yet I try anyway.

There are a thousand plans. Deception and trickery. Argument and debate. Ingenuity and engineering with the materials I have to hand. All are failures. Some have come close, but that has just made the torment of denial all that much harsher, more torturous.

The last one, an intricate structure of platforms and balance, had me closer than ever before. My only mistake was in making it too far from my ultimate goal, and in alerting the eternal guardians to my presence so close to the forbidden prize.

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