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Two problems, one solution

I’m moderately proud of myself, this morrow [7th April] as I found two problems with one solution.

Since we had the jungle lawn slashed down to lawnlike levels, we’ve had a LOT of grass lying around in clumps. Including clumps near the fence, which threatens the wood palings.

We also have a lot of pit traps where Hound decided to imitate Simon from the Yogscast and diggy diggy hole.

So early in the morning, before the sun decided to threaten my unhealthy pallor with melanomas, I took out the rake and the mulch bucket, and redistributed the dead grass clumps by the fence.

I filled four holes and topped up the compost tumbler.

This may not seem like an earth-moving accomplishment to you, but Hound digs holes big enough to hide himself in. And he’s about labrador-sized.

The process goes like this: Rake up a small stook of dead grass, compact into bucket until bucket overflows. Haul bucket to nearest doggy diggy hole. Upend bucket over hole. Attempt to stomp down, lose sight of leg up to mid-shin. Keep calm and recover leg, continue compressing until compression is not an option. return with bucket to rake. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Just clearing the fence line is accomplishment enough for me.