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Challenge #02840-G283: For Great Fitness

The human was moving slowly, very slowly, and doing deep breaths with each slow movement. They almost looked like moves one would do in combat, but these were too languid.. too.. relaxed. The saurian scientists aboard the ship were curious and a few even tried the movements, with varying degrees of success, and one asked the human as they paused a moment to watch their friends, what was that odd motion just now? The human smiled and said in a relaxed tone "Tai Chi".

The reasons for Tai Chi

Stress Management

Preventing Mental Health issues due to stress

Improving mobility and weight control.

Physical health benefits -- DaniAndShali

[AN: It's also yet another way to kick buttock]

Human Kin had set aside this time for exercise, but this did not look like more common methods of exercise known to the Alliance. Companion Thresk watched in fascination. They were fighting moves, and Thresk had seen Human Kin fight using most, if not all, of the motions involved.

It was fascinating. The rhythm of Human Kin's breathing was almost soothing, and the motions were almost hypnotic. Sometimes it was hard to stay awake as Human Kin exercised. The exercise itself was slow and graceful and Havenworlder-Friendly.

Companion Thresk joined in with the breathing, first. It must be assistive in keeping Human Kin awake. When that almost failed, Thresk attempted the motions. Human motions did not adapt well to saurian morphology. Human Kin noticed in seconds and put a stop to it.

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The hazards of dog-walking

Before the weeks of deluge, I alternated blocks to walk the hound around. Let’s call them Clockwise and Anticlockwise.

And a couple of times, I even managed to do both.

That was before we evicted the Carpet From Hell [it wasn’t paying rent], the subsequent stint of bad asthma, and a rainstorm just short of another effing flood.

Now I’m back to one block until I’m absolutely, positively certain that my health is up

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Progress and AntiProgress

Sir Terry Pratchett argued convincingly that everything must have it’s opposite. Not just the light-dark opposite, but the opposite that goes through the conventional, traditional opposite and out the other side.

We have progress. What I’m having is a kind of anti-progress that has gone through retention and out the other side.

I am getting fit enough to take the dog around two blocks -yay- BUT, on the anti-progress side, I’ve been struck from asthma as

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I am Desperately Out of Shape

So I thought this morning, “I have to go to the chemists’. I’ll kill two birds with one stone and take the dog for a walk at the same time.”

Bad. Idea.

1) It was stinking hot
2) We both needed a drink by the halfway point
3) I forgot to bring water and drink containers
4) The best I could do for a hitching post was snagging the leash around an awning upright
5) Despite the

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