Challenge #04196-K178: Contractually Obligated Self-Maintenance

You asked for the harshest training I can give you so you can grow stronger? Are you sure about this? I would say it'll be hell, but I'd be lying. You'll have to look UP if you want to see hell. -- Anon Guest

Part One: Sleep Schedule.

Up at four in the morning no matter the season. Bullied into bathroom, bathing, and breakfast in that order. Then off to a brisk run over a set obstacle course as fast as possible. With your teacher close behind. By the way, that course changes randomly, so don't get complacent.

Press-ups. Pull ups. Going on the oblique machine. Going on the rowing machine. Then another piping-hot shower before a thorough massage to be sure all those muscles work the next morning.

You're going to work all sixteen hours you're awake.

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