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Challenge #03761-J108: Silence and Sanctuary

The walk through the woodland is peaceful after the storm. The sounds of the forest is one of hushed, sleepy, tones. Ice coats the branches and gleams like gemstones in the morning sunlight. -- Anon Guest

The woods are relatively silent. Not dark, because the trees are bare of leaves. They are still deep, all the same. Currently, thanks to the freezing sleet storm the night before, they are beset with ice.

The whole forest looks like it is hung with diamonds.

The snow on the forest floor gleams, too. Glittering and glimmering with ice over the top of the powder. It is beautiful, and it is deadly. Hungry knows this. Hungry... must find somewhere else. There is nothing to eat here.

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Challenge #03428-I140: Weighed in the Balance

A younger person, who is heavy-set and was mistreated on their homeworld due to their appearance, has very poor self-esteem. Upon finding their way to Alliance space, they make friends that help them realize that they are, in fact, quite beautiful, in body, mind, and spirit. -- Anon Guest

They made fun of hir, even as Adina was leaving them forever. All the usual bon mots like, "Better pack light so they can compensate for hauling you," and, "Sure the ship will

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