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I am Desperately Out of Shape

So I thought this morning, “I have to go to the chemists’. I’ll kill two birds with one stone and take the dog for a walk at the same time.”

Bad. Idea.

1) It was stinking hot
2) We both needed a drink by the halfway point
3) I forgot to bring water and drink containers
4) The best I could do for a hitching post was snagging the leash around an awning upright
5) Despite the use of a check chain, the dog still tugs my arm off.

I’m out of breath, lathered in sweat, struggling for breath [Ironically, I was heading up to the chemists’ to get asthma meds]. The dog is panting by his water dish in the shade. I don’t know which one of us is more knackered.

I need to get fitter.

And the best way for a sedentary soul like myself to get fit?

Taking the dog for a fargnaxing walk.

Every morning.

At least in the morning it’ll be relatively cool. And I can piss off the neighbour who hates barking dogs by setting off every dog in the neighbourhood. And being all innocent, “I just got back from taking him for a walk. He’s been a little angel. It’s the other dogs you need to be mad at,” if he rings up.

Heheh. Revenge will be sweet. And a bit petty.

If I alternate blocks I go around, maybe he won’t wake up for a while that it’s me.

So I’m joining the latest fitness campaign and swapping Minecraft in the morning to taking the dog for a walk.

Then flopping down ‘till I get my breath back and playing Minecraft :)