Challenge #03403-I115: They Call the Room Jim

A human starts up an exercise studio aboard one of the much larger stations. This place is reinforced to ensure humans can do their full exercise without harming the infrastructure, but its main focus is teaching isometric exercise routines to everyone, humans and galactics alike.

Here are some small examples of isometric training. But there are tons of others. -- Anon Guest

The Humans were being weird again. This particular weirdness involved a heavily-padded studio, and some intermittent devices of unknowable purpose. Many looked like torture devices[1]. Most peculiar of all was an entire room set aside for mats and little else.

Companion Halth toured it all in a state of confusion. "I had believed," he said, "that the CRC has banned all forms of torture."

"These are for exercise. Healthy self-maintenance with monitors and everything."

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