Exercising again

We went on the first walk for a fortnight, and I was just about wiped out from a walk around the block. I'm gonna regret the sprint session this afternoon.

But at least we have some stew in the slow cooker, so I don't need to fret about food.

Still no rejection letter, just yet. And I have a fluttering underneath my sternum and panic-related asthma. Hooray. Anxiety firkin sucks!

So I took a Seretide this morning to try and live normally, today. Something I haven't done since September.

And I keep on plugging on.

Today's art exercise... I plan to make a very simple GIF by hand with the help of google pictures. See, if you have a chain of pictures, google will turn them into a GIF. I plan on drawing a chain of pictures and hopefully making a nice little loop. Which I might use later in the Sleep Evil Sleep project. If I can figure out how.

That's for this afternoon.

This morning's complication was the fact that Mayhem was feeling itchy and wanted to be checked. I evicted roughly three dozen adult inhabitants before I gave up and shaved his head. Turns out a #3 blade is all one needs to make hair short enough to also make it inhospitable to unwanted life forms.

But I still need to make up some more anti-critter goo because we're out. This time, I'll add some lavender or something so that it smells a bit better than straight tea-tree oil.

...and now I feel itchy.

But I know its all psychosomatic because my hair's not nearly long enough to gain inhabitants in the first place.

You know damn well I'll run a comb through my head anyway. Because paranoia is a lifestyle.