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Heavy and Light Keto and how it kicks your butt

Beloved and I are doing heavy Keto, which means that we try to take a maximum of twenty grams of carbs per day.

Light Keto, on the other hand, allows you a maximum of fifty grams of carbs and is a lot easier on the body. You can have more ersatz rice or potato mash, for instance, by doing strange things to cauliflower. You can even have really small doses of actual rice or potato.

People doing Light Keto, for instance, never have their insides kicking their arse. It's a less punishing slope and all the advantages take longer.

Heavy Keto, which gets you completely away from conventional carbs, kicks your butt, but good.

That mystery malady of yesterday may well be "Keto Flu" kicking our collective butts. And the only real remedy is to go off the fast and have a little more good keto food until everything calms the fuck down.

One little aid to that is MCT - medium chain triglycerides. They're what shuts your insides up about wanting carbs to come back. It comes from coconut oil, so if you taste anything when you take it neat, it tastes vaguely of coconut. One little dose was enough to chase a majority of the Lurgi symptoms away.

So I've been having a little more than one teaspoonful in my stuff. For instance - My smoothie, this morning, had two teaspoons worth. And I can tell you that it helped me feel wonderful.

Other pep-ups are taking Magnesium and a multivitamin during this particular crunch time. Once it's over, the body becomes keto-adapted and no longer kicks a stink for those plentiful, poisonous carbohydrates.

And there's apps! There's apps that can help you track your keto and what you should eat and what you should avoid according to your plan. Admittedly, you have to purchase them because Keto is still niche. It's a "new fad diet" that I hope takes off as people realise it really is great for you.

As for me... I still feel very tired, and that's because I'm giving my liver a workout. And my kidneys. Releasing the fats from their employment means I'm losing a lot of water weight... and piddling like a champion.

We have a whole range of nummy treats to ease the aches. And I've found that sucking on a Himalayan salt crystal works just as good as any sugar-laden throat lozenge. I know, it sounds gross, but it works and it's soothing and if you keep that thing moving around, your tongue doesn't die.

We only did a short walk, today. The Keto is kicking our butts. An easy day will help us both.

Feckin' entropy

It’s Friday. Five days into Sore Footsville. The sink is full of dirty dishes. The countertop is full of dirty dishes and filthy pots and pans.

Laundry is piling up again. Debris is starting to gather on the floor.

I am physically incapable of doing a damn thing about it.

Hubby and Shiftless are working late every night. The only person I can rely on to do anything is Mayhem.

Mayhem’s 10. He’d much rather be

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