Thursday, Day Zero, Arts and Farts Time?

Two new cases from overseas, taking the total to twenty-six. We're approaching critical mass for the One Arsehole Theory. There's also a potential for a Karen from across the waters to find a way to bypass security and bring an even more virulent strain into our sunburned land.

Last I heard about things, Queensland -and then the rest of Australia- is reducing the number of people from overseas allowed to come in.

I am enacting some PLNs to get back into arts and farts. When I wake up in the early hours, I will either be working on Kosh's journal or the maps of Whitekeep. I may even investigate various means to use my iPad as a tablet for the compy as I go in the afternoons.

I'm pretty sure making myself doodle might spark some interest in writing an actual book. I have moved some files from my Mac to the PC, so now I can move on with publishing 2020's Year of Instants.

A glimpse at the world's shenanigans:

  • Debate regarding Impeachment 2 begins, Repugnicans "afraid for their lives". Boohoo
  • Something's amiss with floor seven and people are looking into why one floor of a quarantine hotel has become a vector for catching the plague
  • Experts say it's unlikely that it's the AC
  • Australia slammed for its Covid response, claiming inhumane conditions of quarantine
  • Oldest known cave art found in South Sulawesi, dated to 45.5K years ago
  • Banks turn on the Muppet, putting his fortunes at risk. Boohoo
  • Bunnings releases lego truck and Bunnings store for relatively cheap
  • More TP overstocking spotted in NSW
  • Bush track by Birdsville now being used by Karens to skirt past the road closures
  • Australia now only developed nation on the list of the worst deforestation
  • There's now a face mask that includes a connection to your phone and has headphones. Yay technology. Still doesn't let deaf people lipread though
  • Australia's oldest man enjoys a tin of sardines with his soup

I've only just woken up and now I'm tired. I think I'm going to quit the news again for a bit.