I will not ask what else can go wrong, because it more or less has. My car is due to go to the repair people today. That's going to cost a honkload.


  • I can't start Audacity - the program I use to edit my episodes of Inter-Mission [have no fear, there is a new episode today and there are like three more waiting in the wings]
  • One of the cats broke down the pet door that was their only safety from the danger-inherent hassle of Cleaning Day.
  • My new Pregnenolone supply is missing presumed confiscated by my government for Stupid Drug Law reasons, and I fear a visit from ASIO or whatever.

Nevermind that:

  1. Pregnenolone is legal
  2. I should have no problems ordering it from anywhere
  3. Even if there are Stupid Drug Laws about it, I can potentially prove that I'm not using it to get high
  4. I didn't even purchase an 'intent to distribute' type amount FFS

Like... I can plausibly look up the details and track my order with enough time and faffing about. I can find out what the fuck is going on with my shit.

It's just the ominous cloud of What Ifs that prevent me from doing so.

Also I have to spend some of today in fretful paranoia that the cats will get out.


How can things go right for me for a change?