Challenge #02479-F289: What in a Name

A small movement has cropped up amongst the Vorax. People who would rather try to live quiet, peaceful, lives instead of piracy and war. When the government goes to make an example out of them, they take the only ship they can get their hands on and flee. They find an uninhabited haven world that's suitable for them to live on and settle down to live quiet lives as farmers, raising their meat animals, hunting wild game, fishing, growing crops, and just having what they wanted most. Peace, not only with each other, but with the galaxy around them. When the less peaceful Vorax come to destroy the colony, they find out that humans, and others, don't take well to bullies, and show the peaceful colony how wrong, and how right, the stories were about the Vorax's old enemies. -- DaniAndShali

When other cultures met the Vikings, the concept of Norsemen or Danes were conglomerated into that one, first idea. Never mind that those who farmed considered themselves different from those who traded or raided. They were all 'Vikings' to the rest of the world, because that was their first impression.

The exact same thing happened to the Vorax. Vorax was not, as it happened, a species name, but rather an occupation, just like the Vikingr once were. They called themselves Vorax because that was what they did. They were Voraxyr. The others called themselves Thranityr but they called themselves that in vain. The rest of the Galactic Alliance had heard Vorax first. So, too, had the Humans... and you know how terrible they are at letting go of the first idea to enter their fluffy little heads.

For centuries, they could not be convinced of the existence of more than two gender identities because they claimed it was unnatural. The hubris and the ignorance inherent just boggles the mind. You have to do immense amounts of work to re-convince the Humans. Even then, the initial label will never go away. Vorax, they were introduced as, and Vorax they will remain. Potentially forever. Hardly anyone remembers who the Vikings who weren't Vikingr were called[1].

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