My Body Is A Smarty Pants

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Up and down...

I’m back down to 92.4, today. I did it by not eating very much, and yet, I also didn’t eat very much of anything that’s good for me.

I doubt I’m going to make it to 80 kilos subsisting solely on peanut-honey sandwiches, as I have been yesterday. [FYI: You mix almost-equal portions of honey and peanut paste/butter together and spread the results on a sandwich. Tasty and filling.]

I really should get into good habits.

Next time I want to sit down with a book - I shall sit down on my exercise bike and pedal whilst I read.

Next time I want something sweet - it shall be honey toast or a peanut-honey sandwich or a nice, healthy apple.

Next time I want something to chew - it shall be a carrot.

Next time I want something hot - it will be a balanced meal.

I will do my utmost to see that I don’t yo-yo straight back up again. No matter how many tempting treats Hubby-dear decides to bring home.

I must get healthy. I must be healthy. I must do all the things that are good for me.

Even when I don’t want to.