Challenge #01102-C005: Curse? What Curse?

Have fun! -- RecklessPrudence

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Camilla had wanted to undo the curse straight away, of course. She had never meant to turn her fiancée into a dragon in the first place. She should have known something was dodgy about that newt's eye extract.

And yet... Frederik was taking his transformation so well. He loved to fly, and Camilla had to admit that the journey to retrieve ingredients for a cure and the bargaining when she got there was a great deal easier with a Dragon in her company.

He was so happy with his new form.

It was when he found the castle that things... escalated.

"It's perfect. Look at it. Craggy crenulations, A really tall tower... and lots of land around for cattle and farms and stuff. It's a perfect lair!" Frederik landed in the courtyard and let her off. "Isn't it beautiful?"

"Darling," soothed Camilla, "I'm certain you love it, but... I should be working on curing the curse before the turn of the moon."

"But I'm a dragon, beloved. I love being a dragon. We have most of the ingredients, anyway. Tell you what. We finish your shopping, and we can spend a week up here, playing Damsel in Distress and then... well... if you're not into it, I'll go back to being a human for you."

Camilla sighed. "Fine. But I insist on brewing the potion during the week's... holiday."

The bargain was struck. And the last ingredients were almost stupidly easy to get with a Dragon to help fetch them.

And, as it turned out, Frederik had been arranging some other things as well. While she slept, he crept off and arranged for craftsmen to fix up the ruined castle so that, while it looked ruined, it was a great deal sounder and safer than it had been originally. He hired farmers and cooks and all kinds of staff to make certain the stay there would be comfortable for them both.

Including a love nook in the stables. Made for a dragon and his princess.

The week away turned into a pre-nuptual holiday, with plenty of pleasurable cavorting in the stables. And then their holiday home became their real one, with a wedding to cement the deal.

She and Frederik had no need of the cure. And no want of it, either.

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