Hark, hark, the dogs... don't bark?

I had a curious incident of the dogs in the neighbourhood, this morning. Like in the Sherlock Holmes adventure Silver Blaze, they did not bark.

Not a single hound decided to greet me this morning. And I'm very used to the local canine population reacting like I'm Bobby The Serial Killer whenever I toddle by their particular patch of fence.

On one hand, it means that my neighbours around two blocks don't curse my existence or the goddamn cheerful "Good Morning!" I wish the dogs on my way past. I'm pretty certain more than a few neighbours hate me and wish I would die, just by waking them up at the crack of dawn with their dog going off and my cheerful conversation with their hound.

And apart from the appearance of a rogue ute towards the end of my walk, it was the kind of eerie quiet that gave rise to Interview Inside a Terrarium [Available for free at Smashwords].

I may wind up doing way too many "empty world" kind of atmospheric horror stories.

Best news so far of today - I have edged into the 93Kilo bracket. Yeah, sure, I'm currently 93.9 kilos, but it's still IN THAT ZONE. And like it took me a month or so to remain in the 94 kilo zone, I thoroughly expect to waver right the fuck back up to 95 or somewhere in the middle of the 94 zone for a maddening week before wavering steadily downwards to exist in the 93 zone for a month or so.

It's not about taking the weight off fast. That never holds. It's about keeping the good habits that have me taking the weight off consistently. My slow crawl towards my goal weight [85 kilos FYI. Five kilos heavier than what the Bullshit Medical Index says I 'should' weigh] will be easier to manage and easier to maintain.

Fast weight loss also means fast gain when the programme ends. And yo-yo dieting causes more obesity than pastries.

Frankly, I'll be a happy camper to achieve and stick to somewhere under 90 kilos. The medical profession will doubtless be ecstatic if I actually achieve my BMI-recommended weight. But I doubt I'll ever get there.

I haven't been 80 kilos since I was an underweight teen.

Oh, and we have coined a new word, with the help of Mayhem's friend.

Nintangled(adj): The state of being wrapped or impeded by your game console controller cable. eg: I was so nintangled that I nearly wrecked the TV when I got up to get the phone.

Use it where you whist.