Challenge #01975-E151: Toxic Culture Kills

We're all familiar with phrases like "toxic masculinity", "testosterone poisoning", and similar terms used for men whose mindset and behavior could charitably be described as "aggressively unpleasant"...

But what if all that were not just wordplay? What if "toxic masculinity" somehow actually was toxic? What if "testosterone poisoning" really was poisonous? To whom, whether it be the person themselves or those around them, I leave as a decision for the author. -- Anon Guest

The last victim of the Friendzone Killer was a really effective witch. Her dying breath laid her final curse on him, which just added potency to her words. May your toxic masculinity kill you and all those like you. But he didn't pay attention in the moment, just like he never paid attention to anything a woman said or did.

After he killed her and etched the words Frigid Bitch on her remains, he cleaned up, went home, and live-streamed his last antifeminist rant whilst wearing his traditional black horse mask. It was because he died during the stream that the case became famous. It was because of the way he died and the viral impact it left that it became a worldwide phenomenon.

As he spoke about the rights of men and the need for women to 'know their place', green and black smoke started issuing from the horse's mouth. He got up to the right for men everywhere to be protected from chronic blue balls and how no woman anywhere should refuse an offer for sex before he finally choked on his own fumes and expired in front of an audience of thousands. It was the FBI agent who found the body who cut off the stream.

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