The Internet is So Slow

Welcome to Australia. Where the internet is substandard and everything alive is going to try and kill you.

The marsupials hate us. The birds hate us. The lizards hate us. The snakes and arachnids hate us. We have a deadly damn jellyfish that can be invisible. And now our internet is attempting to kill us by old age.

The NBN phone line inspector still hasn't called by. I doubt they will this early in our four month window, but there's ever a chance to have everything fucked up by my need to be elsewhere and doing stuff.

So I'm going shopping before I try to do anything online. Hope that it warms up or whatever.

In extremis, I will turn off the kids' computers. If that doesn't work, I'll blast my phone's data. Again.

Life is fun when the internet sucks. Everything's going to take time. Thanks in advance for your patience.