Challenge #03361-I073: Curse Breaker

“The only way to break the prince's curse is by true love’s kiss.”

“Damn, y-you know the forehead would’ve been sufficient. I didn’t think you’ll go tongue deep.”

“Why didn’t you tell me then?!”

“I thought it would be more fun” -- Anon Guest

Prince Godomar Jishi Morosada Frotho Amawrahta Kantakouzene gasped for air as their -ahem- "close personal friend" put him back onto his feet. The blood rushing to his face prevented it from rushing to other places, thank the gods, and looking up into that smiling half-Elven face made him blush all the harder.

"Did you have to be that enthusiastic?" said Kaspar Deamonne, the Consultant Witch. "Right in front of me?"

"I saw an opportunity and I went for it," Larli Willowrun was completely unrepentant. "I have honestly been waiting for a chance for freaking weeks. But, youknow. Prince. Destiny. Political marriage. That sort of thing."

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