Tuesday, Shrinkydinks

It's difficult to work this morning since Jolie is making it known that she really really missed me by getting between me and my keyboard. Poor thing.

I have a shrink visit today, so she's going to be more of a sad baby about the whole pack of noise, and it can't be helped because I NEED my shrink today.

It's been a frazzling time.

We're in the process of evicting all the garbage in our house. My work yesterday was sorting all the DVD's and Blu Rays that were not worth keeping.

There's a LOT, and I've only done one shelf.

There's a whole 'nother shelf, one huge drawer and Powers Only Know how many other stashes we have around the environs. I've filled two big boxes with rejecta and I'm working on a third. Yeeks.

I did not know we had this much bullshit just lying around. It's going to be amazing when it's done but the process of doing is just... UUUGHHHH...

I can do little things today. Like evict old cardboard and clear pathways to get to the other stuff I want to get out of the house.

Fucking hell, I'm such a hoarder.

ADDENDUM - My compy decided to throw a shit because I was using too much memory, this morning. I am in the process of desperately unriddling this before the next stream. Yay.