Challenge #04164-K146: A Very Simple Lesson

B'Nari medic learns the secret of how some sea creatures eternally renew their genetic telomeres without any harm to themselves. And begin to splice this coding into new bodies which now stop aging after becoming adults because the telomeres never degrade. -- The New Guy

[AN: Pretty sure the B'Nari would be looking into that before they hared off with their gengineering colony]

Immortality can be either a blessing or a curse. It all depends on how the immortal views it. It also depends on how much influence the immortal has, and in which direction. Just as one can change the world with two kind hands... all it takes to ruin one is a singular cruel heart.

B'Nar was founded on the idea of creating the perfect workers for their purpose. Several gengineering corporations went down deep time to operate in competition with each other. The results may be dubious, but the experiment is nominally successful. Some stumbles were made along the way.

Nobody talks about the fifth world, these days, but the records are there for the curious. Pour encourager les autres.

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