Thursday, Game Night and Catching Up

I did indeed go offski to cuddle Beloved and spend some time. Lucky for me and my anxiety, Adorable had a busy day and didn't have the time to listen to any chapters.

I aim to get up to 20, and hope to get up to thirty red and recorded for her.

No stress though.

Turns out that Adorable's auditioning podcasts on weekends only, so I don't have to panic about having any stories recorded, edited, and ready to fling at people for quite some time.

Everything else is going at my own pace. Including today's offerings.

The PLN is moderately the same as yesterday. Do a thing whilst 'watching' a video, record some audio, then repeat. It's how I bypass my neurodiversity's need to wibble off in weird directions.

Speaking of...

Chapter count! Finally finished chapter 303 and about to commence chapter 304. And STILL no idea where to divide book 2 from book 3 [or even IF there's a book 4

It's going on that long.

And it's not going to end easily. Or soon. I have absolute slews of epilogues planned.

Best to get on with it then.