Challenge #03861-J209: For the Gains!

The human was to spend time on a world that was at least 1.5 G heavier than what they were used to on Earth. It was to build their muscles, they knew this, but even walking was hard here. Oh well, baby steps. -- Anon Guest

There's always someone who doesn't listen to the warnings. Someone who wants to take a shortcut and get ahead without trying too hard. Those kinds of people never get what they really want. Presented for your education, Bodybuilder Pierce.

Bronzed. Built. Already possessing more muscle than most would expect. Packed along with every piece of exercise equipment anyone could imagine, and headed to a high-grav world. Waiting in the queue to admit her to the shuttle planet-side with a smile on her face and an aura of gleeful anticipation.

She's about to have all her high hopes dashed to smithereens.

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