Challenge #03860-J208: A Very Good Friend

Human A (sobbing): The world is too loud and everything hurts and I'M BADLY OVERSTIMULATED.

Human B: I can bring you a beer?

Human A: I'm out of beer.

Human B: I have beer.

Human A: Your beer tastes like shit. -- Anon Guest

"Doesn't all beer taste like shit though?" Argued Human Barb. "We don't drink it for the flakking taste anyway."

"I still have enough to deal with without your disasterous idea of a good beer," countered Human Ari. "Take mercy on me. I'm almost at cracking."

"Okay, okay. Options. One: my beer. Definite nope. Two: The tail section hooch." Barb only needed one look at Ari's expression to figure out that answer. "Also no. Three: the Quiet Room."

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