We've started on our supplies...

My goal for this week and next week is to spend as little as humanly possible so that we have more money to save for Christmas.

The artisinal rosemary products are going to crap on that, more than a little. Mostly owing to the fact that I will have to purchase some tools and find a source of bulk white wine vinegar. Might have to discuss that with Beloved.

I'm doing nine bottles of dried leaves, eight of rosemary oil and six of the rosemary vinegar, because the vinegar is the riskiest issue.

And I'm doing an unspecified amount of dried mint. IF I can get the dehydrator working. It's been on the floor of the shed during flooding, in its unopened box. Things might be risky...

Well, I know where the switch box is if the little bugger shorts. BUT if it does, then mint is off the gift menu and I have to figure out something else to do for my artisinal gift baskets.

Maybe I'll cheat and add some nibbles. The baskets - when I get the baskets - are all going to be the same size, so I should think generosity.

Maybe I'll really cheat and add some coupons for my ebooks. But no. That would be mean.

And the smell of rosemary makes Mayhem gag, so it's shaping up to be a really fun week, next week.

AND I have to parcel away last night's Chook Boob Goo and clean out the slow cooker because I know I'm gonna need that.

If anyone wants the recipe (using the best of ultra-cheap ingredients) then let me know on the forum.