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A Town Named One Horse

A 4-post collection

Challenge #01798-D337: A One Horse Christmas

In one town, a natural disaster isn’t something that comes around every once in a while—it’s constantly there, like forest fires always glowing just over the hills, a tornado cycling down the same streets every day, or an earthquake constantly jolting the town. And instead of moving away, the town and its people have simply adapted to it. -- Illuminate-Prompts

Welcome to One Horse. It's simply liminal! People who actually see it as they pass by read it as something else. But those who live there... exist there... know differently. In fact, a vast majority... are differently.

There are houseboats built on fault lines, so that liquefaction doesn't get them down. There is an actual road called Tornado Alley. It is wide, and packed dirt, and all the houses along its twisting path are built like bunkers. If you stay there during August, you will find out why. Long about the middle of that month, a twister comes down that exact path. Usually a category 3, it follows the road like it's on rails. Forming at one end and petering out at the other. And then the residents throw a huge party because tornado season is done for that year. And it is where a perfectly ordinary split-level home with a white picket fence is neighbour to an eldritch abomination designed by both Lovecraft and Escher simultaneously, and their hydrangeas are always on fire.

Baq'oth'met, scourge of several dimensions, was hanging up his Christmas Lights. He was still getting the hang of mortal holidays and careful observers would note that some of those jolly, twinkling lights were in the shape of skulls. He was wearing an abominable Christmas sweater, but that was not because of his demonic attributes. It was because it was a gift from his best friend in the world. Neighbour Steve. Who was also setting up the ladder for his seasonal lights and actively trying not to flinch again at the sight of an eight-foot skeletal hellbeast with a deer skull for a head. Well. Mostly a deer skull. "H41l 4nd w3ll m3t, th1s m3rry m0rn, n31ghb0ur!"

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Challenge #01392-C297: Liminal Time and Space

Night people. Those who by choice, obligation or calling walk or work the Night Shift. -- Knitnan

Children of the night... what interesting lives they have. Those who work from dusk to dawn work in liminal time. Where the strange is not just expected, it is background radiation.

People turning up to their workspace in PJ's, half their PJ's, and minimum legal clothing are a fine example. And though everyone talks about that one time a dude came in wearing a live

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Challenge #01305-C210: Where the Weirdoes Go

"I just want to collect arcade tokens, why does that bring out the weirdos?" -- SeaDragon1012

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"Maybe it's because this entire place is weird? I swear I've seen that same Polybius cabinet in four different places."

"Haha, maybe it's a TARDIS, haha," Carol droned. "It's a games con. Of course someone's going to have a Polybius cabinet. It's like the

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Challenge #01173-C078: My Neighbour Baq'oth'met

Steve and the antler guy -- Gallifreya

Suburbia. Realm of the bland, the ordinary. The whitebread and the boring. Or it would be if this wasn't a town named One Horse.

Steve Carol peered between the blinds at his neighbour's yard. The eight-foot Thing that lived next door gave him a cheery wave. "G00D M0RR0W N31GHB0UR ST3V3!"

"Don't you dare flip that man the bird," said Shannon pre-emptively. How she managed to do that when

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