Weird Things

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Challenge #01516-D055: Me and a Shadow

And a third -- Gallifreya

It was literally the brightest outfit that Janice had ever seen. Lights and all. It included vibrant colours in the spaces between the tiny, laundry-proof LED's. There was even an alice band with lights in it.

"Mabel..." said Janice. "What the heck?"

"Oh, there's a shadow-girl in the neighbourhood. I'm helping her out today."

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Challenge #01173-C078: My Neighbour Baq'oth'met

Steve and the antler guy -- Gallifreya

Suburbia. Realm of the bland, the ordinary. The whitebread and the boring. Or it would be if this wasn't a town named One Horse.

Steve Carol peered between the blinds at his neighbour's yard. The eight-foot Thing that lived next door gave him a cheery wave. "G00D M0RR0W N31GHB0UR ST3V3!"

"Don't you dare flip that man the bird," said Shannon pre-emptively. How she managed to do that when

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