Challenge #01305-C210: Where the Weirdoes Go

"I just want to collect arcade tokens, why does that bring out the weirdos?" -- SeaDragon1012

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"Maybe it's because this entire place is weird? I swear I've seen that same Polybius cabinet in four different places."

"Haha, maybe it's a TARDIS, haha," Carol droned. "It's a games con. Of course someone's going to have a Polybius cabinet. It's like the vintage gaming joke." She looked up from her display book to check one out in passing. "Though it is kind'a eerie that they all chose the exact same cabinet art..."

"Historical, too. There are all kinds of legendary greek monsters on there."

"Nerd," smirked Carol.

"You know it. I'm only here for the outfits. And the band."

"Pew Pew Zowie?" Carol winced. "I love you, Sadie, but... your taste in music is beyond strange."

"Hey, they got FNAF tokens in that booth."

"No. I'm a purist. I only take tokens that have seen actual arcade gameplay. I mean, the fancy stuff is cute and all, but... It's not really real."

Sadie was grinning. "Does that mean I can start collecting the fakes just to tick you off?"

"Um. That would mean we share an interest and have something to nerd out about together."

Sadie faked a gasp. "Us? Something in common? Unheard of!"

Carol laughed. "Ooh vintage Chuck E. Cheese... Back when the mouse still looked.... mousy."

Sadie started taking reference photos of the Polybius cabinets. "I swear that thing is following us."

"Could be right," said a passing dude done up as Doctor Who. "Don't blink."

Sadie rolled her eyes and mumbled, "Comedians..." under her breath.

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