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Friday, Day 0, Ow

Plague news: SIX new cases, all imports. Thirty-one total active cases and seventeen of those are in hospital. Australia's at 81% first vax, 59% fully vaxxed. Queensland is holding steady at 50% fully vaxxed. Miss Chaos gets her second jab next week.

Today, I have PLNs to do some home maintenance, but I also kinked my shoulders during my stream this morning so IDK how far I'll get with that.

I am being kind to myself as I can sense the smoulder of burnout attempting to catch my brain.

In the news:

  • New NSW Premier more concerned with popularity than the health and safety of his voters
  • Victoria cases out of control
  • Tennis Star's girlfriend shares evidence he's a cheater
  • Claims of Zodiac Killer's identity may be sus as hell
  • China again threatens Australia
  • Teen caught going 170+ kph was also filming the evidence of his dangerous bullshit
  • Truckies threatening strikes because they are forced into dangerous working conditions
  • Pauline Hanson slams Covid rule just for the props from the Knomiras
  • People "just waiting" for the vaccine should go sign up for it
  • Schools under pressure to stop banning nuts. Someone's kids will fucking DIE because of this
  • Apparently, people are surprised to learn that the Aussie shops stack spice bottles in alphabetical order


Ow... Ow... Ow... Ffffuuuuu...

I have a cyclone headache, and I can't use ibuprofen to defeat it because use of that increases my risk of catching The Plague.

Paracetamol does nothing, alas. I need the combo of paracetamol and ibuprofen to kill this cyclone headache of mine. Boo.

The sun's come up, and my alarm's gone off, so I need to feed the cats, feed my sourdough starters, and clean out the litterbox in the catio.

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I have enjoyed myself overmuch, it seems. A little bit too much xylitol, a little too much fun. A definite lack of sleep... Life's a little bit complicated, today, as a direct result.

Yup. Hardy perennial digestive issues versus hardy perennial sleep issues. Stir in a thoroughly enjoyable drawing stream in the literal middle of the night by Toasty, and you have a recipe for a wrecked 'Nutter.

I'm doing my best to keep the content flowing, even though other things want

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I did three and a half hours of cleaning, yesterday. The other half hour was spent fetching Mayhem from school. My back hurts, I'm tired (but can't sleep. Such fun) and the house looks amazing.

I also have a case of the gut bugs from somewhere. And I haven't done that much different from my regular routine. Which means either (a) mild food poisoning, or (b) I managed to pick up something from the local shops that I never wanted.

Either way,

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Post-Yule fallout

Boxing day. A day when the fridge is full of leftovers and the house is full of wrapping paper. Today is going to be pretty much an all-day snack and I know it.

Thanks to Pizza on Christmas Eve, and the feast yesterday, I'm back up over my 95-Kilo celebration border. So I will be attempting [underline attempting] to keep my sweet tooth in check.

It's not going well. Today's breakfast includes four jelly lollies and a snowball [that's a chocolate-covered marshmallow

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