I did three and a half hours of cleaning, yesterday. The other half hour was spent fetching Mayhem from school. My back hurts, I'm tired (but can't sleep. Such fun) and the house looks amazing.

I also have a case of the gut bugs from somewhere. And I haven't done that much different from my regular routine. Which means either (a) mild food poisoning, or (b) I managed to pick up something from the local shops that I never wanted.

Either way, it will all be over in a few days of adequate hydration and then I can get back to bitching about other noise.

I actually deviated from my pattern, this morning, and did a bit more work on SESP. Those of you who follow my Tumblr have already seen it, but I've coloured in the first animation layer.

I'm going to have to move Vintage!Rabbit over a squinch to the left of the frame so that all the reflection nonse actually reads. Vintage!Rabbit and Now!Rabbit have their butts too close together. But that's a job for later, when all the other noise is done.

The art program on my iPad Pro is lovely for drawing, lousy for image manipulation.

I still have effects colouring to do on Vintage!Rabbit, but I should be moving on to the animation frames RSN.

Again, needlessly complicated for a handful of seconds on the screen.

Today's free time will be eaten by attempting to save the animation so far as a decent firkin format. The quick version of exporting has the Blurries, big-time. I don't want all my hard work rendered in anything less than perfect clarity.

And I shall also be helping Beloved move some heavy objects, because we're going to be getting our Tesla Powerwall sometime very soon.

Not allowed to rest, yet.

And I'll be doing more damn cleaning on Monday.