Hide and Seek

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Challenge #03944-J292: The Biggest Game

A Galactic makes a bet with two humans. They could not team up with any other human, they could not use any tech other than the basics they and the Galactic agreed upon, and the Galactic had a 2 day head start. The bet? That the humans could not find and catch them within a 7 day time limit. Hell of a game of "hide and seek" to be had. -- Anon Guest

Minimum public standard tech. No social contact with other Humans. Two days' head start. No hiding in the Edge or Deregger territories. To make sure no other Humans spoke to them, Humans Raf and Ryff put the news out on the infowebs. Since all Humans love to win, the rest of the Humans in the alliance avoided them like the plague.

They never needed the help, anyway.

Port airlock securicams could be accessed anywhere. Even with additive and subtractive disguises, even with altered livesuits, that was enough to check that the passenger manifest really included Hitchhiker Qays, and whether or not she was going that way.

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Challenge #01067-B335: They've Been Hiding up There For Ages


Frisk the undisputed monarch of hide and seek (and massive troll) -- Gallifreya

One thing the files said about Frisk, was that if they didn't want to be found, the seeker would never find them.

One rather malevolent foster parent called the police to search for them, and the child just spontaneously turned up in the rear of a squad car. With a friend who was not so good at

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