Challenge #00855-B124: One Dark and Stormy Evening in an Abandoned Subterranean Clank Lab

“Listen carefully,” they said. “This is absolutely true and not at all a desperate lie.”

Click-clack-clunk. “Previous data indicates that the organic will now lie. Subject… asks… that you do not.”

The human invader paused. “All right. Fine. I don’t want to be trapped in here.”

“Neither do I,” said Subject. “Subject wants… I need… my creator.“

Now the human narrowed their eyes. “You’re not the average clank… are you?”

looked down at the floor. “Mama could not make children the organic way. So she made me.” At this point, she took out a locket and opened it
to the faded image. “She went upstairs and has not come back.”

The human spent a long time looking at the image and humming to themselves. It was almost like Mama used to hum. Subject knew that sound, she knew that look. And that was why she gathered all the tools and parts she

“Can… you help?” asked Subject.

“Your… ‘mama’…
may not return. But I can help you,” said the human. “I’m Agatha
Heterodyne… and I’m sure you can help me when I’m done helping you.”

Oh goodie. Repairs at last!

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