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Play Time?

Early morning, 1898…

The baby Petes were sleeping soundly. Making noise to wake up the babies was a time-out offense.

Ma and Pappy were sleeping soundly, too. That was bad.

Rabbit was bored.

Rabbit joined her automaton siblings. Watching Pappy breathe. It was still dark, so the lights from their eyes shone in his face.

Pappy screwed up his face. Squinted. Blinked and shielded his eyes. “Wh’t? Wh’z goin’ on?”

“Is it time to p-play, yet, Pappy?” Rabbit begged.

“Ya we wanna play,” added Three.

Pappy sort of moaned. “It isn’ even sunrise. Le’me sleep ‘till it’s dawn… at min’mum…” A big yawn, and burrowing under the covers until no light could reach him.


Rabbit watched the eastern sky in eager anticipation. As did The Spine and Hatchy. Any minute, soon…

It would be time for the humans to wake up! Time to play!

A big, long day of music and fun and setting the carnivorous chair on fire!

Seconds ticked by.

The first light of dawn kissed the horizon. Yes! At last!



The humans didn’t always appreciate the earliest part of the morning, though. Rabbit never did find out why.

O What a Beautiful Morning

[AN: This is bonus content for giggles. Thanks to bee-the-gatekeeper for the idea of the bots versus their human counterparts. And thanks to whoever gave me the idea of switching my wake-up music to One Way Ticket just as I was starting to get tired of Hatch Fever (heresy!). And now I headcannon the bots as Very Annoying Morning People]

4:35 AM

The first light of dawn delicately kissed the horizon. Any minute, now, the Walter Manor Wake-Alarm would sound.


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Last prompt I promise

OK. In line with the SPGapocalypse art prompt…

Imagine the year 3000-something CE. The robots have been wandering in an underground labyrinth for roughly a thousand years.

They finally find a way into the surface and take stock, only to find none other than Lumpy Space Princess.

LSP: Haaaayyyyyy sexeeeeeeeyyy…

Robot of Your Choice: That’s it. Back into the labyrinth.

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Challenge #00849-B118: Tough Crowd



A species that has a language where musical vocables (La, de, dum, da etc.) are all either swearwords or very rude.

“I d-d-d-d-don’t know what happ-p-p-ened,” complained Rabbit.

“We were going so well,” said The Spine. “It doesn’t compute… it doesn’t compute…”

“…i don’t want to be mus-ic-ians an-y-more…” sulked Hatchworth.

Pete 17, urgently directing repair teams of Walter Workers, took a deep breath. “What the

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internutter: kinshisetsunai:He's so unhappy about this....System initializing.......10%....20%....30%....40%....50%....The Spine expanded...



He’s so unhappy about this.

…System initializing…


The Spine expanded his awareness from internal systems to external stimuli. What there was of his thought processes encompassed, What have they done this time?


Ever since the military decided he should have a stealth reconnaissance form, they had done things with his humanoid body or his snakelike spine-self. They just couldn’t help themselves. His robot siblings thought it was the greatest joke in the

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Challenge #00795-B064: Come to Scenic Gravity Falls

Challenge #00795-B064: Come to Scenic Gravity Falls



Mabel Pines and Francouer.
(if you donat watch Gravity Falls a. Do it and b. this is now a free prompt day)

[AN: I do watch, Iam just not into the decoding stuff because Iam daft. I let everyone else do that.]

aIall show you all! Iall summon a monster from ages past to destroy you all! Destroy…

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Prompt: SPG and A Monster In Paris. The band comes to visit the best cabaret in Paris and see the famous Masked Musician...


(#00785 - B054)

[AN: I already have a much longer one in progress here, so I’ll pretend it doesn’t exist in my continuity just for you. (Seriously, keeping a continuity is vastly important to me and registers on my OCD) You’re welcome]


There was a small dirigible docked with the Eiffel Tower, which some Parisians still called “the tragic coat hanger”. But even they had to admit that it did come in handy as a dock for

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"Just let me sleep"


(#00681 - A316)


“No, Rabbit. We’re almost there. Just a little further.”

“…my everything hurts,” whimpered the copper robot.

“I know.”

Rabbit should never have come to Vietnam. The Jon, already hiding in the little cave that The Spine had found, should never have come to Vietnam. The Spine didn’t want to, either, but he had to pay for his military upgrades somehow. He had to support the Walter family. Pay back the debt.

The Jon had had

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Challenge #00582 - A207: Visiting an Ailing Friend

Challenge #00582 - A207: Visiting an Ailing Friend



Hatchworth and Fluttershy in the world of SPG

[AN: I almost tossed this and then I realised it was a different prompt]

Hatchworth was certainly an interesting friend. He spoke of interesting things, of humans and dragons and an assortment of interesting beings in a place called Kazooland.

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