Play Time?

Early morning, 1898…

The baby Petes were sleeping soundly. Making noise to wake up the babies was a time-out offense.

Ma and Pappy were sleeping soundly, too. That was bad.

Rabbit was bored.

Rabbit joined her automaton siblings. Watching Pappy breathe. It was still dark, so the lights from their eyes shone in his face.

Pappy screwed up his face. Squinted. Blinked and shielded his eyes. “Wh’t? Wh’z goin’ on?”

“Is it time to p-play, yet, Pappy?” Rabbit begged.

“Ya we wanna play,” added Three.

Pappy sort of moaned. “It isn’ even sunrise. Le’me sleep ‘till it’s dawn… at min’mum…” A big yawn, and burrowing under the covers until no light could reach him.


Rabbit watched the eastern sky in eager anticipation. As did The Spine and Hatchy. Any minute, soon…

It would be time for the humans to wake up! Time to play!

A big, long day of music and fun and setting the carnivorous chair on fire!

Seconds ticked by.

The first light of dawn kissed the horizon. Yes! At last!



The humans didn’t always appreciate the earliest part of the morning, though. Rabbit never did find out why.