Challenge #00882-B151: Stifled Rude Noises

Prompt: That “GNK” noise a person makes when they manage to sneeze with their mouth shut.

Brexx didn’t know what was wrong. The human ambassador spasmed suddenly and made a sort of Skngx! noise. Then she gasped for breath and went, Skngx! Skngx! Skngx! in rapid succession.

Brexx hit the panic button. “Human ambassador non-communicative. Making abbreviated noises of unknown meaning.”

“…th’ flowers,” gasped Ambassador Harry.  Skngx! Skngx! Skngx! Skngx! Skngx! “I’b allergig…”  Skngx! Skngx! “To th’ flowers…”  Skngx!

flushed them unceremoniously down the recycling chute and cycled fresher air rapidly into the environment. At least until Ambassador
Harry’s breathing regulated itself.

There was still an alarming production of mucous and liquid leaking from her eyes.

was that?” asked Brexx, just as the ERT’s arrived to add to the chaos of the scene. Brexx gave them footage of the last five minuted.

“Stifli’g sdeezes,” Ambassador Harry Blew her nose on a tissue. “If I don’d id’s very loud and sdardli’g…” HASCHOO!

next thing Brexx knew, she was staring at the ceiling of an Intensive Care Closet Drawer. The infoscreen above her eyes told her that the
Ambassador was very sorry about the noise and did not intend harm.
Brexx’s hazard pay had been tripled.

Maybe admitting these Deathworlders to the Galactic Alliance wasn’t that great an idea, after all…

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