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Unpublished fanficcy list

As I mentioned earlier, I have over 100 fanfics squirrelled around the place.

This is all the titles of the ones that have not seen Tumblr yet, and their universes.

Mother - XME
A Singular Day - XME
And Thou Beside Me - XME
Bayville By Gaslight - XME
Blue Love - XME
Blessing-Curse - XME
Little Blob Lost - DS9
Blue Summers - XME
Broken Minds - X-Men Comicverse
Could Have Been - DS9
We Need a Dang Title (The Dragon Story) - XME
Dreaming Off Leash - DS9
In Another World - DS9
Elf Service - XME
The Everfree Demon - MLPFIM
Fable - XME
Fein! - XME
First Days - XME
Firsts - DS9
Free to a Loving Home - XME
Haunted Institute - XME [and not entirely mine]
So Into You - XME
Nor Iron Bars A Cage - XME
It's… It’s Green - Girl Genius
I Will Follow You - XME
Kurt Wagner and the Weirdo Wizards - XME/Harry Potter
Lift Me Up - XME
Lost and Found - X-Men Movieverse
Lost Souls - X-Men Comicverse
Learning to Fly - XME
Listen What the Man Said - XME
Miracles and Machinations - XME
The Help - XME/Nanny McPhee
Meet Mikie - XME
Mein Teufel - XME with a hint of BTVS
Michael Meets World - X-Men Comicverse… sorta
The Nightcrawler Movie - It’s Own Good Self
Never Give Up - XME
Out of the Darkness - XME
An Ingenious Paradox - XME
Plus la Change - X-Men AU
The Price - XME
Plot? What Plot? - XME
Mirror Malevolent - XME
Raising Enigma - MLPFIM/DS9
Reale Liebe - XME
Salvation - XME
Sara’s Wish - XME
The Scion - XME
Be Sure Thy Sins… - XME
Summer Breeze - XME
Therapy - DS9
Through the Mirror Crack’d - DS9
The Shapeshifter - DS9/TNG
The Sun Will Shine, But There’ll be no Light - DS9
Toad Transformed - WATXM
Through These Broken Memories - XME
‘Till There Was You - XME
Love Bites - XME
Waifs and Strays - X-Men Movieverse
Warped Mirror - DS9
When Der Fuhrer Says… - XME
The Wings of a… Butterfly - WATXM
Where the Heck is Bayville? - Crossover-utopia
Picking up Pieces - X-Men Movieverse
After the Hurt-Comfort - X-Men Movieverse
Currently Nameless X-3 Ficcy - X-Men Movieverse
1000 Deaths - Portal
A New Slice - Portal
Proposed X-4 - X-Men Movieverse
In the Sky, Hope - Doctor Who
There, Only Hope - Doctor Who
Hope Springs Eternal - Doctor Who
Toybox - X-Men AU
Bringing Up Pilot (Serial) - Farscape
Downtime - Farscape
Emancipation - Farscape
The FarSmut Project - Farscape crackfic
The Good Shepherd - Farscape
Imaginary Friend? - Farscape
Hell is Other People (Especially if They’re Rygel) - Farscape
Tying Up Loose Ends - Farscape
Somebody to Love - Farscape
…Whether We Like it or Not - Farscape
Strange Bedfellows - Farscape
The Major’s New Clothes - DS9 crackfic
A Light in the Darkness - DS9
The Rebellion Saga - DS9
43 Minutes, 20 Seconds - DS9
The Assassin - DS9 rejected script
Baby Mine - DS9

When I find any of my other fics, I’ll publish an addendum list.

Meanwhile, which one do you want added to the queue?


So far, I’ve had requests for Love is Blue, Misfits, and that weird one with Kurt and Todd as a couple after an avalanche. I don’t recall a title.

The bad news is, I don’t think I even have that last one. I’ll look, but I have a LOT of fics, some of them are doubles, and not all of them are mine.

The good news is, I already posted Misfits. Starting here.


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