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Unpublished fanficcy list part 2

More of the same!

Title - Universe

Be-Longing - DS9
Beastly Passions - DS9
Changeling’s Cradle - DS9
The Clay Caper - DS9
Emotional Crisis - DS9 crackfic
Elf (Cheap) Shot - DS9 sillyfic/parody
Fever - DS9
In The Dark of the Night - DS9 darkfic
If You’ll be True To Me - DS9
Lessons Learnt - DS9
Love and War - DS9
Love Sickness - DS9
No Child Born of Woman - DS9
The Obligatory Sappy Christmas Story - DS9 sillyfic
Pique - DS9
The Professional - DS9
Save Me - DS9
Time Killer - DS9
Wart - DS9
Wish You Were Here - DS9
Chance Meetings - DS9
Innocent Eyes - DS9
The Messenger - DS9
Nasty Little Surprises - DS9
Little Miss Sorrow - DS9
Mama’s Going Away - DS9
Teen Titans/Misfits Xover [aka Give Me a Good Title, Damnit!] - XME/TT

Who wants to see what?

Unpublished fanficcy list

As I mentioned earlier, I have over 100 fanfics squirrelled around the place.

This is all the titles of the ones that have not seen Tumblr yet, and their universes.

Mother - XME
A Singular Day - XME
And Thou Beside Me - XME
Bayville By Gaslight - XME
Blue Love - XME
Blessing-Curse - XME
Little Blob Lost - DS9
Blue Summers - XME
Broken Minds - X-Men Comicverse
Could Have Been - DS9
We Need a Dang Title (The Dragon

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Fanfic Time: Recycled Souls part 2

I swear to Blob I had more of this. Feckin backups… why do they never back up automagically. Blah.

  Sumer. 3542 BC.

  Ammon had given up struggling against the slaver’s bonds. It had taken him a month to do so, but he still hated his captors. He was not going to cow or grovel before these females, even if they *did* serve an earthbound Goddess!

  He’d spit in her eye, too, given a chance.

  Here came two

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Fanfic Time: Recycled Souls part 1

Warning: this is yet another unfinished fic. I kinda lost the umph to write more some time ago. It’s still lurking in the back of my head, so tallyho!

Disclaimer: They own it, I just play with it. I own this, so please don’t steal it.

Archiving: If you want it, email cat@internutter.org for a clean copy.

Info: Yet another bizarre idea that accosted me in the wee small hours. I got a million of ‘

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Next fics in the queue:

Recycled Souls  An XME Kurmanda fic in which both are reborn again and again into different times and places.

Flotsam   Sara Louise comes into the MovieVerse to rescue a toad and turn him into a prince.

Don’t Pity Me   A rare finished fic, that also happens to be darkfic. Contains child abuse, rape, hideous things happening to good people, evil people and generalised nastiness. You have been warned.

I’m still taking requests?

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Where do I go from here?


That was a LOT of fanfic.

Now that I’ve submitted my entry for Understatement of the Year… I have two little things.

First, an apology.

I am very sorry I haven’t written any more. Please contain your screams of anguish.

Second, an announcement.

I am working on a novel where Sara gets her own universe. This has not stopped her from wanting to butt in on my other fandoms. I also have several other fics in

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Changing Worlds

I thought I’d take a break from OWS for a bit to discuss my writing. It is why I started this blog in the first place. Thinking of something to write every day has had me quasi-geared towards finding material for my blog. Great.

But it’s been keeping me from my indfic.

Thank goodness for fanfic.

I love writing fanfic. There’s so much less one has to explain, keep straight, or look up. An admired writer

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