Blast From The Past

A 2-post collection

Unpublished fanficcy list part 2

More of the same!

Title - Universe

Be-Longing - DS9
Beastly Passions - DS9
Changeling’s Cradle - DS9
The Clay Caper - DS9
Emotional Crisis - DS9 crackfic
Elf (Cheap) Shot - DS9 sillyfic/parody
Fever - DS9
In The Dark of the Night - DS9 darkfic
If You’ll be True To Me - DS9
Lessons Learnt - DS9
Love and War - DS9
Love Sickness - DS9
No Child Born of Woman - DS9
The Obligatory Sappy Christmas Story - DS9 sillyfic
Pique - DS9
The Professional - DS9
Save Me - DS9
Time Killer - DS9
Wart - DS9
Wish You Were Here - DS9
Chance Meetings - DS9
Innocent Eyes - DS9
The Messenger - DS9
Nasty Little Surprises - DS9
Little Miss Sorrow - DS9
Mama’s Going Away - DS9
Teen Titans/Misfits Xover [aka Give Me a Good Title, Damnit!] - XME/TT

Who wants to see what?

Fanfic Time: Collection

A blast from the past, this time. My very first fanfic ever. And, incidentally, the first non-parody fanfic of DS9 ever.

Enjoy the delicious horror.

This is a story inspired by someones’ innocent enough comment on the net. It was something like “Hey, wouldn’t it be neat if Quark somehow managed to save Odo’s life?” You know who you are :) The resulting story is printed below; I apologise in advance for the absence of Sisko

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