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Free Plotbunny to a loving home:

Jadzia Dax runs a care facility for very young children on the station… who are Kira, Julian, Miles, Keiko, Sisko (pick one) Quark, Rom, Garak and possibly Morn.

Then one day, as she’s taking stock of the arts cupboard [Kira regularly breaks in] the bell rings. Someone new is coming to ‘class’.

It’s a bucket. Almost full of orange goo. Plastered on the side is a post-it that reads, “Free to a loving home&

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(DS9 prompt for a change!) Odo has fangirls.


Commence Personal log, Security Chief Odo. Once again, Starfleet’s insistence on records and lists and files forces me to take note of events as if my memory is not reliable enough.

In this case, I have to make note of events as they occur, establish a pattern, and present such evidence to the commander before action can occur. And, since it has to take place in a personal log, I also have to make note of my thoughts and feelings

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Fanfic Time: Elf (cheap) Shot

Someone requested “any DS9 fic”. So I picked the silliest one I had.

This is a silly fic. It is a very silly fic indeed.

Disclaimer: Deep Space Nine and all the characters therein are registered trademarks of Paramount. I just happen to like it so much that I happen to play with them a little.

A big thank-you to RAIL and the discussion on Magic Elves, without which my first real attempt at parody would not be here


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Unpublished fanficcy list part 2

More of the same!

Title - Universe

Be-Longing - DS9
Beastly Passions - DS9
Changeling’s Cradle - DS9
The Clay Caper - DS9
Emotional Crisis - DS9 crackfic
Elf (Cheap) Shot - DS9 sillyfic/parody
Fever - DS9
In The Dark of the Night - DS9 darkfic
If You’ll be True To Me - DS9
Lessons Learnt - DS9
Love and War - DS9
Love Sickness - DS9
No Child Born of Woman - DS9
The Obligatory Sappy

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Unpublished fanficcy list

As I mentioned earlier, I have over 100 fanfics squirrelled around the place.

This is all the titles of the ones that have not seen Tumblr yet, and their universes.

Mother - XME
A Singular Day - XME
And Thou Beside Me - XME
Bayville By Gaslight - XME
Blue Love - XME
Blessing-Curse - XME
Little Blob Lost - DS9
Blue Summers - XME
Broken Minds - X-Men Comicverse
Could Have Been - DS9
We Need a Dang Title (The Dragon

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Fanfic Time: Collection

A blast from the past, this time. My very first fanfic ever. And, incidentally, the first non-parody fanfic of DS9 ever.

Enjoy the delicious horror.

This is a story inspired by someones’ innocent enough comment on the net. It was something like “Hey, wouldn’t it be neat if Quark somehow managed to save Odo’s life?” You know who you are :) The resulting story is printed below; I apologise in advance for the absence of Sisko

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