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Fanfic Time: Non Compos Mentis, part 4

Continued from yesterday, concluding today:

  “We’re headed out, Professor.”

  “Just a minute, the five of you. There’s someone I’d like you to meet.”

  As a group, they trooped into the library, where a hooded figure waited in the shadows.

  Sara threw a vulcan salute. “Greetings.”

  “This is Kurt Wagner. He arrived late last night from Germany.”

  “Oooh… [How’s the weather over there, when you

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Fanfic Time: Non Compos Mentis, part 3

Continued from yesterday:

  Sara ducked around the corner and contacted the Professor.

  “Trouble *again*, Sara?”

  “Heap big bad juju,” she said. “And I suspect he’s a mutant like me.”


  “There’s certain physiological anomalies the average eye would miss,” she said. “He’s jumpy as all get-out, poor thing.”

  “Tread *very* carefully. I’ll send Logan by, later, with the essentials.”



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Fanfic Time: Non Compos Mentis, part 2

Continued from yesterday:

  “Sara isn’t ready for this kind of interview,” warned Doctor Philips. “She has a history of violent episodes and something like this might set her off.”

  “We’ll be careful,” said Stabler.

  “Her delusion about the rape would only receive justification if you mention the case you’re working on.”

  “She was raped, too?”

  “No, she’s still a virgin,” he answered.

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Fanfic Time: Non Compos Mentis, part 1

This must have happened during a blackout, but it’s been so long that I don’t remember writing it. Joy.

Anyway, now that I’ve finished transcribing it, here it is in all its unfinished glory(under the cut):

Disclaimer: X-Men: Evolution belongs to the Warner Brothers, Marvel, and anyone who owns them. Possibly Disney. Sara Louise Adrien and this story are mine. All cameos belong to their cameo owners. Please respect this poor author and don’

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Fanfic Time: Heaven, Earth and Hell, part 9

Continued from yesterday, and concluding today:

  By the time Celia got back to the kitchen, there was a bilingual argument going on.

  “Of course I talk! What? Did you think I was a *pet*?”

  “C'est impossible. Quelle sorte d'une maison de fous est ceci?”

  “It’s your fault! You decided to walk into a circus trailer. Dummkopf.”

  “Oui, mais moi a marché dans un bas de page d'entraóneur animal… qu'ils n'ont pas –

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Fanfic Time: Heaven, Earth and Hell, part 8

Continued from yesterday:

  He woke in a nest of cushions with a fan ruffling his fur. The grandmother-esque woman - Mrs Nezmith? - sat calmly nearby reading a book.

  “Feeling better?”

  “I’m sorry,” he blurted.

  “Whatever for?” she reached over to soothe his hair into place, brushing an ear and his cheek by co-incidence. “It’s perfectly natural to be nervous, Kurt. New things can be frightening.”

  He sat up, trying

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Fanfic Time: Heaven, Earth and Hell, part 7

Continued from yesterday:

  Kurt stared off into space. Mama wasn’t Mama. Her hair was wrong. There had been other things, of course, tiny signals that he’d ignored or glossed over in the want to have Mama close.

  He wasn’t really dead.

  No Purgatory.

  No hope of heaven.

  No true escape from Sir.

  No re-uniting with the family he loved.

  Nothing, in fact, but more heartache and fear and the eventual return to chains and Sir’

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Fanfic Time: Heaven, Earth and Hell, part 6

Continued from yesterday:

  “You didn’t.”

  “I sure as hell *did*,” Celia argued. “I *had* to.”

  “And what if you fell over sick or something?”

  “For God’s sake, Betty…”

  “You’re our chief animal handler. If something happened to you–”

  “It *didn’t* happen, okay? I just carried him from the tent to the goddamn trailer. I’ve done that with

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