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Prompt: the Klaus Wulfenbach Fan Club


“This city is now part of the Wulfenbach Empire.”


It was not the horrified scream he was used to. These people - all underage women, he noted - were delighted to hear such news. He glared at them. None were familiar faces.

“Are you ladies… all right?”

“EEEeeeeeEEEEEeeeeEEEEEeeee!” One fainted. Three fanned themselves. Two were crying. All seemed ecstatic that he had turned his attentions their ways.

He sighed. Teenaged hysteria. It had no cure and knew no boundaries. He was old enough to be their father, for crying out loud!

Still… a willing minion is a better minion…

“Perhaps you’d like to sign up for service duties aboard Castle Wulfenbach…”



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Fanfic Time: Elf (cheap) Shot

Someone requested “any DS9 fic”. So I picked the silliest one I had.

This is a silly fic. It is a very silly fic indeed.

Disclaimer: Deep Space Nine and all the characters therein are registered trademarks of Paramount. I just happen to like it so much that I happen to play with them a little.

A big thank-you to RAIL and the discussion on Magic Elves, without which my first real attempt at parody would not be here


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