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Challenge #04024-K006: Peacemakers Reunited

Fate was not done with Kosh, or his love, not by a long shot. They are reborn in two different noble families, and, as fate would have it, arranged marriages means they were fated to wed once more once the time came. -- Anon Guest

Fate's wheel turns. Lives are lived again,and turned about in the process.

Two houses, alike in villainy, meet their heirs together in the hope of forging peace. Prince Delyn was a little on the wild side. An understandably angry young man who'd seen how his people were treated.

As for Komelli, she had attempted to live by the rules given her. Torn to guilt by the ones that contradicted each other. Worried upon meeting a Hellkin for the first time.

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Challenge #03806-J154: One More Chance

He had been human. He knew he had died. Why was he awake? Why was he moving? His body ached. And who were these people treating him like a small child? -- Anon Guest

This should not be happening. Of that, they were sure. There had been a risky skii trip to get -in retrospect- a silly little treat.

They couldn't remember what that was any more.

They could remember... A vast hatred in their spirit towards some people. People who had

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Challenge #03460-I172: Well Met Again

Could we have a story where the new young reborn Anthe and the young, highly magic, thief that Wraithvine adopted meet? Maybe they're both at his side at some point? Please?

From stories:

and -- Anon Guest

[AN: Sorry, Nonny, but those stories are unrelated. Different time zones]

She was introduced as Gikka Winbelburrough at the next inn. Given good warm food and some relaxing tea. And a very confusing

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Challenge #03360-I072: Hello All Over Again

They find Anthe's reincarnation, and this little imp is just as wild, as adventurous, and as fun-loving as her previous incarnation. -- Lessons

Kobolds, like Goblins, are remarkably prolific. Considering that their usual destiny is to end as a brief and crunchy squeak, this is entirely understandable. If they didn't breed like flies, there would be none of the species left. Whilst the Goblins have a complicated labyrinth for their departed souls, the Kobolds

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Challenge #03354-I066: Another Go Around

Kal awakened in a land of mist. Glowing spheres, representatives of the gods, with their verdict. They were going to be merciful. They were going to give this man, who worked so hard to undo the crimes he committed, a second chance. His old partner was writhing in hell, but he may yet escape that fate. Reborn once more to find the path as a healer, rather than a killer. -- Anon Guest

There is no

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Fanfic Time: Recycled Souls part 2

I swear to Blob I had more of this. Feckin backups… why do they never back up automagically. Blah.

  Sumer. 3542 BC.

  Ammon had given up struggling against the slaver’s bonds. It had taken him a month to do so, but he still hated his captors. He was not going to cow or grovel before these females, even if they *did* serve an earthbound Goddess!

  He’d spit in her eye, too, given a chance.

  Here came two

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Fanfic Time: Recycled Souls part 1

Warning: this is yet another unfinished fic. I kinda lost the umph to write more some time ago. It’s still lurking in the back of my head, so tallyho!

Disclaimer: They own it, I just play with it. I own this, so please don’t steal it.

Archiving: If you want it, email for a clean copy.

Info: Yet another bizarre idea that accosted me in the wee small hours. I got a million of ‘

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