Challenge #03354-I066: Another Go Around

Kal awakened in a land of mist. Glowing spheres, representatives of the gods, with their verdict. They were going to be merciful. They were going to give this man, who worked so hard to undo the crimes he committed, a second chance. His old partner was writhing in hell, but he may yet escape that fate. Reborn once more to find the path as a healer, rather than a killer. -- Anon Guest

There is no walking in the afterlife. There are no feet to walk with, merely the memory of them. Whether it is a lonesome valley, an empty forest, or a frightful desert, the soul traversing it had to walk it alone. That was the test.

This was the judgement.

Gods don't have bodies either, not really. They are ideas formed by the minds of intelligent creatures. When there is no brain left to give shape, they are formless essences of the Divine. Recognisable because a soul has memory.

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