Tuesday, Anniversary Gifts

Today is our Silver Anniversary! HUZZAH! And I already have the best gift in the world...

My Beloved is back home!

Oh it is such a relief. She has new meds prescribed to her by the doctors [since you were worried about that, Mum] and a schedule of check-ups and experts to make sure those meds are doing what they should be doing.

As said in previous blogs, one of her diabetes medications didn't work too great with being on Keto. The doctors are all in favour of whittling her meds down to the minimum necessary and also understand the aversion to injected insulin. It's not as great as it used to be.

The docs say that a sugar spike once every ten days isn't terrible. So maybe a feast day once a fortnight could be in order. Not immediately, though. I would wait for things to be stable and clearance by the doctors.

Tonight, we have PLNs for dinner and a movie, and an exchange of silver earrings. Earrings that the sharp-eyed may spot when the next stream goes live.

For now, though, I focus on getting back to normal.