Good News!

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Friday, Unfuckening and GREAT news!

Excellent news: The soup machine is a HIT!

It also apparently makes ice cream, but I'll believe it when I see it.

Right now, it has already made Beloved two large servings of... intense chicken soup. One was dinner, the other was set aside "for Ron". Aka Later-Ron.

A dad joke from a less civilised age, there.

I found a couple of resealable containers with steam vents, and they hold the right amount of soup. Huzzah.

I may be going out (AGAIN!) to show her where I found them if she wants more than the two I already picked up. Soup is a serious business when you're on a liquid diet.

So too is getting one's hands on enough no-sugar gatorade/powerade/electrolyte drink. Everywhere was out.

I will take this challenge and fight it. Later. I have a house to unfuck before Monday, when the skip goes bye-bye.

I have the catio to clean as well as all my other nonsense and a smol to get on the bus. Vroom vroom.

Tuesday, Anniversary Gifts

Today is our Silver Anniversary! HUZZAH! And I already have the best gift in the world...

My Beloved is back home!

Oh it is such a relief. She has new meds prescribed to her by the doctors [since you were worried about that, Mum] and a schedule of check-ups and experts to make sure those meds are doing what they should be doing.

As said in previous blogs, one of her diabetes medications didn't work too great with being on Keto. The

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Thursday, Day Zero, Wonderful Things!

First - the bad news. There's two new cases and the total's at twenty-five.

Now the great news:

I Found A Reader!

::confetti and curlytoots: Wooo!

The very nice guy is Darius Marley and has decided they like my writing and is willing to read it out loud to listeners like you.

Spread the word.

We both need income and hopefully, touting each other on the interwebs will lead to greater things. Go visit. Go listen. Spread the word.

You can listen

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So. How do I pitch something to Netflix?

In case you haven't heard, Toastyhat/Emptyfeet has finished her second video which is potentially part of a trilogy or more depending entirely on her moods and desires to get anything done. Even as a duology, it has a happy ending and I am glad of it :)

But I really want to see this entire thing as an animated series on Netflix. Because I think it deserves it. I would binge the living shit out of something like that. It's that awesome.

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McCall's Cosplay Pattern line



“Tell me whatcha’ want, whatcha’ you really really want!  I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want!”  …Cosplay Patterns!

The marketing department over at McCall is getting savy. They are now marketing a  line of patterns  specifically for cosplayers, 

We are getting school girl patterns, more character specific patterns for popular shows/movies,  and awesome body suite patters courtesy of Yaya Han’s own line of patterns. They are mixing in some of their old historical

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