Challenge #03355-I067: Diminished Concerns

They asked only that their injuries be treated and they be allowed to be on their way in peace, after saving a Pax Humanis Sanctuary Planet. Nope, not enough. The Pax Humanis decides to send one of their more experienced, and gentler - by their standards, individuals to go and work as a permanent bodyguard for captain and crew, if the crew and captain will allow it, of course. -- FightingFit

The Human was large, muscular, and possessed a stare that evaluated everyone and everything they looked at as a potential target. She looked like all she had to do was flex and the livesuit encapsulating her would burst. "You saved our world," said Human Daiz. "Many would've left us to die."

Not for the first time, Captain Gorx wished that ze could have been one of the many. Pax Humanis Enforcers were classed as divine intervention or elemental disasters. An entire planet full of them[1] boggled the mind.

Just one boggled the mind.

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