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Wednesday, Anniversary Celebrations

My love and I are getting our hair done. That is all that's cemented in our PLNs for the day. Nevertheless, I am prepared to be spending most of the day doing it.

So I shall probably be AFK for most of my conscious hours. So my agenda today is:

  1. Do the meme thing in the Fediverse
  2. Post the Wordpress episode
  3. If time, work on my daily tale

If not, you get a twofer tomorrow. I'm not just bringing my laptop, but also the Switch so I have something to do when my glasses are off. Just a nerd with a baggie of electronica wherever I go.

Chapter count: About to commence Chapter 233.

Let's get going and hope for the best.

Tuesday, Anniversary Gifts

Today is our Silver Anniversary! HUZZAH! And I already have the best gift in the world...

My Beloved is back home!

Oh it is such a relief. She has new meds prescribed to her by the doctors [since you were worried about that, Mum] and a schedule of check-ups and experts to make sure those meds are doing what they should be doing.

As said in previous blogs, one of her diabetes medications didn't work too great with being on Keto. The

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